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FORYL® LHN. Degreasing made sustainable

FORYL® LHN. Degreasing made sustainable

FORYL® LHN is a premium degreasing agent based on a proven combination of emulsifiers of different HLB values. It helps to dissolve natural grease deep in the cross-section of the leather, transport it in the form of micelles into the bath and hold it in emulsion during the entire process of degreasing.


FORYL® LHN is based on non-toxic, especially environmentally friendly chemicals and is totally free of sol-vents or nonylphenol. Furthermore, the product is fully independent on the isoelectric point of the leather and can be used at a broad variety of pH and electrolyte concentrations. Notably, due to its innovative chemistry, it has a genuine deodorizing effect and helps to eliminate unwanted odors of the leather giving it a fresh and natural smell. This effect makes FORYL® LHN highly suitable for the production of Automotive leathers where reduced smell is an important requirement.


For greasy cattle hides, we recommend the use of 0,3% of FORYL® LHN in soaking, in liming and in deliming. Drain well floats after use. In the case of sheep skins, depending on the origin, up to 5% are recommended in degreasing. For better result, reduction of float lengths and longer degreasing time is recommended.


Our aim at Pulcra Chemicals is to provide you with modern Surfactants of premium quality, which meet all criteria of sustainability:

  • Raw materials and processes which are sound with the nature. Special focus is given on the use of raw materials fromrenewable resources with excellent ecoprofiles.
  • Strict avoidance of hazardous materials. For many years, Pulcra is a pioneer in avoiding hazardous com-ponents in surfactants. Already decades ago we developed alternatives to solvent degreasing and were among the first in offering eco-friendly surfactants which can fully replace alkylphenol ethoxylates in application. Notably, we do not use alkylphenol ethoxylates in our installations, therefore we can exclude contaminations with small amounts of this banned substance group.
  • Surfactans with higher efficiencies which make it possible to reduce the total amount of surfactant used and furthermore act faster and with less washings. This goal is achieved by careful product design which makes use of synergies between different components.



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