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Pulcra Chemicals offers excellent spin finishes like STANTEX® and KATAX® for polyacrylic staple fibers and tow manufacturing for dry and wet spinning. Pulcra spin finishes offer the balance of friction and cohesion for each process – ring spinning, open-end spinning, and tow converting. The use of selected STANTEX® finishes helps to adjust the final softness or scroopiness.
The application is by immersion bath, kiss roll or by spraying.

STANTEX® and KATAX® finishes help to optimize yarn evenness (USTER values) in thin and thick places, and minimize neps.
Pulcra Chemicals provides products with excellent emulsion stability.


Sustainability is an important component of the philosophy and commitment of Pulcra Chemicals. Together with our employees is this approach the key to our philosophy of sustainable development.


Whatever your product is, we develop solutions for it: our product range offers technical solutions for a wide range of customer requirements.


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