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With more than 50 years of experience in nylon spin finishes, Pulcra Chemicals offers products that combine good runnability with excellent dyeing performance. Our STANTEX® product range offers lubricants for the production of partially oriented yarn (POY) and Draw Texture Yarn (DTY) for the production of Flat Yarn/ Fully Drawn Yarn (FDY) through different process routes.


The production of high tenacity polyamide yarn require spin finishes offering good performance not only during fiber manufacturing, but also for the downstream processing and in the final application (e.g. Airbags, Tire Cord). STANTEX® spin finishes are available for neat and emulsion applications.


Polyamide yarns continue to be used in high value carpet applications. This is due to the superior properties of polyamide compared with other yarn types. STANTEX® spin finishes are available for different bulked continuous filament (BCF) yarn types, which are natural-solution dyed, and also for critical applications like automotive. Our product range offers spin finishes and components for the production of polyamide staple fibers.


Sustainability is an important component of the philosophy and commitment of Pulcra Chemicals. Together with our employees is this approach the key to our philosophy of sustainable development.


Whatever your product is, we develop solutions for it: our product range offers technical solutions for a wide range of customer requirements.


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