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Reponsible Care




We are a member of the „Verband der Chemischen Industrie e.V.“ (the German Chemical Industry Association) and commit ourselves to act according to the worldwide initiative Responsible Care by constantly improving the protection of health and environment as well as the safety of employees and fellow citizens.

  • Safety and the protection of human health and the environment are of fundamental importance. For this reason, company managements are required to define guidelines for Responsible Care which are oriented towards this paramount principle. In  addition, measures and procedures shall be defined that enable implementation of these guidelines into everyday practice by the company and its employees. Such guidelines shall be reviewed periodically and, where appropriate, adjusted to new requirements.
  • The companies strengthen their employees’ awareness for safety and the environment. They increase employees’ sensitivity for potential environmental burdens as a result of products or plant operations.
  • The companies of the chemical industry respect the general public’s need for transparency in connection with products,  processes and activities, on the basis of a constructive approach.
  • The companies of the chemical industry continuously improve the safety of their products: in the selection of raw materials, in production, storage, transportation, distribution, use, recycling and disposal. They take into account health, safety and environmental aspects, both in the development of new products and production processes and in the dialogue with buyers, processing enterprises and users.
  • In accordance with their product responsibility, the companies of the chemical industry provide information about the safe transport, storage, safe use, recycling and disposal of their products. This applies in particular to buyers, processing enterprises and users.
  • The companies of the chemical industry work continuously on extending their knowledge of products and production processes, in particular with respect to potential impacts on human health and the environment during all phases of the products’ lifecycle.
  • Irrespective of economic interests, the companies of the chemical industry shall limit the marketing of products or discontinue production, if the results of a scientific risk assessment call for such limitation or discontinuation as a precautionary measure to protect human health and the environment.
  • The companies of the chemical industry operate safe production plants. Should any risks endangering human health or the environment become recognisable, the companies shall take immediate action as required. In so doing, they shall cooperate closely with competent authorities and inform the public.
  • The companies of the chemical industry make available their knowledge and experience in the development of workable and effective laws, regulations and standards, with the aim of constantly ensuring the protection of human health and the environment.
  • The companies of the chemical industry maintain and encourage the dialogue with their stakeholders.
  • The companies of the chemical industry support the national Responsible Care programme. In order to comply with RC principles, they provide sufficient resources to enable implementation in the company.

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