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Sustainability is a major part of the pulcra chemicals philosophy and commitment.

Pulcra Chemicals aims to succeed as a business by increasing the productivity and environmental compatibility of complex manufacturing processes in the fiber, textile, and leather industries. This means that Pulcra addresses the regulatory requirements in most important target markets and the trends related to health, safety, ecological sustainability and innovation.

Together with our exemplary social commitment and the continuous development and training of our employees, this approach is the key to our philosophy of sustainable development.


The Pulcra Chemicals product line fully complies with Europe’s newest chemical requirements (REACH). 

We register our products according to textile eco-standards and criteria including OEKOTEX, GOTS, and bluesign®

In our sustainability approach, Pulcra Chemicals is committed to the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) and fulfills important requirements to make production with our chemicals safe and clean. 

Usage of renewable resources



Guar Seed

Coconut palm

The components we produce and use are predominantly derived from renewable raw materials such as coconut oil, sunflower oil, palm stearine, peanut oil, rapeseed oil and many more.


Spin Finishes
The spin finishes from Pulcra Chemicals make a maximum use of these above mentioned raw materials thus contributing to an enviromently friendly fiber producing industry.

Natural oils and fats for the sizing bath 

Enzymes for desizing

Dyeing and Printing
Broad range of native thickeners 


Denim Garment Finishing
Enzymes for stone-wash processes

Breviol® DENIM


All mentioned charactristicics make Breviol Denim Technology in pure indigo, topping, bottoming, black-denim and color-denim a more sustainable process with good fastness, concluding that  Breviol Denim Technology is more ecological, sustainable and exclusive for all denim process

Waste water collector with  BREVIOL® DENIM TECHNOLOGY

Waste water collector without BREVIOL® DENIM TECHNOLOGY

Pulcra helps tanneries to produce

sustainable leather

Our approach at Pulcra is the implementation of practical actions in the manufacturing processes of our chemical auxiliaries making the production and products even more environmentally sound, meeting all safety and health requirements and giving high quality leather articles. We want to propose pulcrACTIONS for the application pattern of our products in the tannery, aimed at a making better use of resources and obtaining a higher quality Sustainable Leather.

Thus, you, our valuable customer and we ourselves are together contributing for making leather sustainable and safe.

We call it: Sustainable Leather – pulcrACTIONS

  • Sustainable Leather – pulcrACTIONS Fatliquor Sustainability
  • Sustainable Leather – pulcrACTIONS Formaldehyde free leather
  • Sustainable Leather – pulcrACTIONS CrVI free leathers
  • Sustainable Leather – pulcrACTIONS Sustainable Beamhouse
  • Sustainable Leather – pulcrACTIONS Water saving process
  • Sustainable Leather – pulcrACTIONS surfactant sustainability
  • Sustainable Leather – pulcrACTIONS improving tear resistance
Sustainable Leather Technology Microsite


Pulcra Chemicals is a young, high-performance company. We are looking for qualified, exceptionally motivated and service-oriented employees.


Whatever your product is, we develop solutions for it: our product range offers technical solutions for a wide range of customer requirements.


Get informed about new products and technologies around the Pulcra world.